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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Institutional Review (Wales) 

Institutional Review is the review method for higher education institutions in Wales. It is used to check how effectively institutions manage the quality and standards of their academic provision.

Reviews take place on a rolling programme and are carried out by a team of external peer reviewers. Review teams look at information provided by the institution and by its students, and then visit the institution to meet staff and students.

A report is published on each Institutional Review, containing judgements about whether or not the institution's own processes for assuring standards and quality meet UK expectations. Reports also contain features of good practice and recommendations for further action. As part of our Welsh Language Scheme, all reports are published in English and Welsh.

Handbook and supplementary guidance

The handbook explains how Institutional Review (Wales) works and offers guidance for those involved in the process:

Outcomes from Institutional Review (Wales)

As part of our enhancement work, we have published a short series of Outcomes from Institutional Review papers, which draw upon the findings of the Institutional Review reports. The series covers 12 reviews undertaken in Wales between 2004 and 2009.

Key reference points

The key reference points used in our review methods can be found in our section on assuring standards and quality. From December 2011 the UK Quality Code for Higher Education has replaced the Academic Infrastructure as the core guidance published by QAA.

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