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safeguarding standards and improving the quality of UK higher education

Criteria for identifying authors for the Outcomes series 

Essential criteria

Authors for the Outcomes papers must:

  • be currently or recently retained as a QAA institutional reviewer with experience (as a reviewer) of the relevant review method
  • have occupied a senior position as an academic or academic administrator in a UK higher education provider
  • have the confidence of the QAA Deputy Directors for Review and/or the Director of QAA's Reviews Group
  • have sound judgement and be unlikely to seek to use analysis or drafting for QAA to promote an idiosyncratic view
  • be a demonstrably good writer of clear text
  • be able to meet tight deadlines
  • be familiar with the UK's Academic Infrastructure and Quality Code
  • have a thorough and up-to-date general knowledge of UK higher education and the policy contexts that apply to it.


QAA will consider the following when recruiting for an Outcomes author. 

  • Is the individual on the register of institutional reviewers maintained by the Reviews Group or has the individual recently (within the last three years) retired from audit or review related activities? 
  • Has the individual participated as an auditor/reviewer in a recent audit/review relevant to the analysis or drafting exercises they are likely to be invited to undertake?
  • Does the individual's CV show that they have, or have had, a senior academic or academic administration position? 
  • Has the audit/review report draft material submitted by the individual in connection with QAA's audit/review activity been usable without substantial re-writing? 
  • In their audit/review work, did the individual submit their contributions to the process and to the draft report in a timely and reliable fashion? 
  • Is QAA's Deputy Director for Audit and/or Review prepared to endorse the individual's participation in the preparation of Outcomes products for QAA?

Authors of previous Outcomes papers

Dr Irene Ainsworth; Dr Chris Alder; Ms Penny Blackie; Dr Richard Brown; Mr John Buchanan; Dr David Cairns; Dr Neil Casey; Professor Graham Chesters; Miss Sarah Clark; Professor Howard Colley; Professor John Cowan; Ms Fiona Crozier; Professor Tony Cryer; Dr Richard Gadsden; Professor Barry Gower; Professor Robert Harris; Mr Martin Hill; Professor Terry Kemp; Miss Ann Kettle OBE; Mrs Pat Lowrie; Professor Paul Luker; Dr Mark Lyne; Mr Phil Markey; Professor Clare Morris; Professor Bob Munn; Miss Rowena Pelik; Mr Tony Platt; Professor Nick Pratt; Dr David Ross; Professor Gaynor Taylor; Dr Stan Taylor; Professor David Webb.

If you are interested in being considered as an Outcomes author and you meet the above criteria, please contact the Outcomes team for an informal discussion.

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